Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift Ideas for the Little Boys in Your Life

   Our youngest grandson is almost three and loves Disney's Cars and Pixar's Toy Story movies so what better gift for the little guy, that has plenty toys already, but some awesome pillow cases to dream on? His big brother is a Brett Favre fan so as soon as I find some Vikings fabric I'll be making him his own special pillowcases too. If only Brett still played for the Packers I'd be set. I already have Packer Fabric.

   Though the pillowcases shown below are not for sale I can make them with fabric (and any trim you may want) purchased by you for just six dollars each for labor.
  • Pillowcases are shown folded in half and then in thirds.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pillow Cases vs Pillow Slips...

   My Pillowcases will be made pretty much like the ones you buy at the store only larger in size with deeper hems than most store purchases pillowcases.
   My Pillowslips will be new to many of you in that they are the same length of the pillow they'll cover with a four inch deep pocket on one side of the opened end to tuck your pillow inside to keep it from sliding out.

Below you'll find a drawing of two pillows viewed from the narrow end of the pillows edge to show the difference in how each of the above mentioned pillow covers are finished. For explanation purposes I've not shown how the top hemmed area of a pillowcase falls over the edge of the pillow.

    In the next four days I'll be busy sewing some pillowcases and pillowslips to sell through my blog. I'll also make either type with fabric and notions you've purchased for the cost of my labor alone.

Friday, October 22, 2010

You say Pillow Cases I say Pillow Slips.

   My Grammy B used to make pretty pillowslips for all her family. We didn't call them pillowcases like most everyone else did. No, they were pillowslips. All her grandchildren, and she had close to three dozen not counting the greats, loved sleeping on Grammy B. pillowslips. In honor of my Grammy I've decided to make pillowcases and pillowslips as the first gift item I offer for sale on Sewciables. Please check back soon for an explanation of the difference.
   Prices will start at $10.00 each. Pictured below are examples of pillowcases I've made in the past.

Check back soon to know the difference between pillowcases, as shown above, and pillowslips.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Welcome to the home of Sewciables where you will find hand created gifts worth talking about.  In the weeks and moths to come, I will be adding photos of items I have for sale along with photos of items I have made for others. Most items not listed as “for sale” are available as “made to order”. The fabrics and other materials pictured on "sold" items may not be available since much of my work is custom, using vintage or recycled fabric/clothing and other materials. This keeps my costs on pre-made items very reasonable. That said, if you have clothing you no longer wear but still love, you might think about having something made from it. I will be happy to help you with the details.
   Below you will see some close up photos of work I have done in the past. These examples will give you an idea of the quality of my work.
   These next two pictures are of topstitching on pockets on lawn chair cushions I remade for a customer.

   Next shows detail of a total zipper replacement.

    Luckily I'm better at sewing detail than taking pictures of it.